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Мишка A4 Tech G10-660L LaserPointer/TutorPen Wireless USB


A4 Tech G10-660L LaserPointer/TutorPen Wireless USB

  • Код: G10-660L
  • Производител: A4 Tech
Цена: 44.00лв.
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A4 Tech G10-660L Meeting Man - LaserPointer/TutorPen Wireless Mouse
LaserPointer/TutorPen Wireless Mouse

Works even on slightly dusty glass

Consumes 30% less power

"10-Link nano receiver" allows up to 5 people to share one computer during the meeting.

RF signal indication

Just one click opens files - Open a file or launch a program by a single click.

Setting information - Shows currently chosen settings at any time.

16-in-One - 16 gestures to perform selectable hotkey commands.

Selectable report rate

Custom resolution - Adjustable between 100-2000 DPI in each mode.

Unique“No any Lag & No Cursor-shaking”technology


1 AA alkaline battery

Travel pouch

Net weight:60±10g

Dimensions:101.5(L) X 63.5(W) X 39.5(H)mm

Buttons No.:7

Software:G10 MeetingMan

Power management:sleeping time, wake-up settings and auto power-off

Wireless range:adjustable between 15 and 20 meters

System requirements
Windows 2000 / XP/ 2003 / Vista / Windows 7
USB Port


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